Ceiling Planks | Types And Prices

The ceiling or roof is said to be among the important parts of the home as far as security is concerned. Not only has this but the beauty of home also depended upon the ceiling and walls and decorative work done on them. The ceiling though cannot be decorated but ceiling planks can be used to make it look beautiful and attractive. The ceiling planks are very useful in many respects like it saves one from fix investment on paint or distemper after a fix duration or may be earlier. The ceilings planks or plank ceiling are available in market in various beautiful and pleasant colors. The weather does not affect a plank ceilings that badly as it affects the paint and distemper. The ceiling planks look very sophisticated when installed correctly.

However the wood qualities in ceiling planks also vary from shop to shop and from plank to plank. The ceiling plank warm and glowing can give a very unique look to your room. The rooms with the ceiling planks look more spacious and airy. However the ceiling will be long lasting if the ceiling plank chosen for the room is made up of good quality wood. Following are some consultations for finding appropriate wood ceiling planks for the room. The tools required for choosing the right wood for the plank ceiling are Measuring tape, pair of 6 foot step ladder, an assistant, hygrometer, and samples of some wood finishes or planks.

First of all the humidity of the room will be calculated or found out. To find out the humidity of the room use the hygrometer. If the house is in those areas which remain humid almost all the year or are very dry.

The wood laminated planks for ceilings will be perfect to use. The natural wood ceiling planks will be in appropriate for the rooms. In the areas with more humidity the natural wood keep expanding, cracking or curves may come in ceiling planks. While on the other hands in the very dry areas the natural wood ceiling planks will be shrink or reduced making gaps for the insects.

If you have tested some of the planks for the ceiling made up of cherry trees, or oak etc. Then choose some other type of wood for the room. The ceiling planks chosen would look better if they will match with the panels in it.  The room will look larger this way. If the room has half timbers in it then try to match the ceiling planks with it.

Next identify the materials used in the ceiling. If there are already tiles or some sort of ceiling then it would be removed and the plank ceiling will be installed on the ceiling beams. The height of ceiling will be increases through this way. The matching will look better.

The wood used for the planks can be used for recycling. There is also recycled wood available in the market. It will suit you to make ceiling planks if the wood work is not the part of your room. Choose the width and length of the ceiling plank for your room in harmony with the panels in it. If the panels vary in sizes choose the narrowest and longest size.

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